Affiliated Coaches

As a coach you have a duty of care and a responsibility to ensure you do not cause injury or financial loss to others or damage to their property. If you do cause injury, financial loss or damage, you could become legally liable to pay compensation.

To protect you, as an affiliated coach, your affiliation to England Touch entitles you to the following insurance protection:

  • Public Liability: £5m Limit of Indemnity
  • Professional Indemnity: £5m Limit of Indemnity

Evidence of Cover

Please click here to obtain an evidence of cover document, which can be shown to third parties who require proof of your insurance.

When does cover apply?

You are covered as a coach when you are coaching at an England Touch affiliate club or directly on behalf of the Association. If, on behalf of a club or the Association, you work within a school, college or university, you are also covered.

If you are coaching on a freelance basis and receiving payment, whether as a sole trader or as a company, you are not covered under the England Touch block insurance policy and should ensure that you arrange your own liability cover in respect of your coaching activities.