League Operators

Touch leagues in England are regularly scheduled inter-team competitions run over multiple weeks. They are variously organised and managed by individuals, clubs, and professional sports events companies.

As an affiliated individual or club league operator, your affiliation to England Touch entitles you to the following insurance protection

  • Public Liability - £5,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity - £5,000,000
  • Employers Liability - £10,000,000 (volunteers, staff, helpers etc.)

If you operate an ETA league as part of a professional sports event company, you must hold your own insurance as a separate entity.

Participants of leagues

If you are participating in an ETA league and you hold an affiliation to the ETA (either directly or through your club membership), then you will benefit from the block liability insurance including:-

  • Public Liability (including participant to participant injury) - £5,000,000

If however you are participating in an ETA league activity and do not hold an affiliation to the ETA, you should hold your own liability insurance should you cause third party injury or third party property damage and are sued for your negligence.

One off events and tournaments

If you are club or individual and are organising a one off event (charity match for example), the block liability arrangement provided through your affiliation the ETA will protect you as event organisers. However, as a participant you must hold membership to a club or direct affiliation to the ETA to be covered. If you are participating in a one off event and are not an affiliate of the ETA, you must hold your own liability insurance to protect yourself against claims of negligence.

Any professional sports event companies organising a one of touch event, must hold their own liability insurance.